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Lauren Raimondi


by laurenraimondi

The Shark Tank Experience with Orleatha Smith of Sip Herbals. Live June 20 at 2:30pm EDT


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BusinessEntrepreneurship FundingSalesShark Tank

by laurenraimondi

What tips do you have when conducting interviews to get real, authentic answers and information? We're interviewing sales assistants and salespeople and want to make sure we're covering all bases and bringing our A-game! I'm aware people know how to game the system and interview well, and want to

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To get real, authentic answers and information during interviews with sales assistants and salespeople, consider the following tips:

1. **Behavioral Interview Questions**: Ask open-ended questions that require candidates to provide specific examples of past experiences. This can help you gauge their actual skills and behaviors rather than hypothetical responses.

2. **Probe for Details**: When candidates provide answers, ask follow-up questions to dig deeper into their responses. This can help you uncover inconsistencies or embellishments in their stories.

3. **Use Situational Scenarios**: Present candidates with realistic scenarios they may encounter in the role and ask how they would handle them. This can give you insight into their problem-solving skills and approach to challenges.

4. **Assessment Tools**: Consider using assessment tools or tests to evaluate candidates' skills, personality traits, and cognitive abilities. This can provide additional data to support your hiring decision.

5. **Reference Checks**: Reach out to the candidate's references to validate the information provided during the interview. This can help you verify their qualifications and performance.

6. **Culture Fit**: Assess how well candidates align with your company culture and values. This can help ensure they will thrive in your organization and work well with the team.

7. **Body Language and Nonverbal Cues**: Pay attention to candidates' body language and nonverbal cues during the interview. These can sometimes reveal more about their true feelings and attitudes than their verbal responses.

By incorporating these strategies into your interview process, you can increase the likelihood of getting genuine and authentic answers from sales assistant and salespeople candidates.



by rockstar16

What is your favorite generative AI chatbot to use?


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Other (please let us know in the chat!)

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Google Bard


by johncentrios

Has anyone else noticed Google searches are showing bogus information now? If I can't Google something I really don't know where to do. Is there another alternative?


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It's important to be cautious when using search engines, as they may sometimes display inaccurate information. If you are looking for alternative search engines, you can consider using Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo Search. These search engines also provide reliable search results and can be used as alternatives to Google. Additionally, you can also consider visiting reputable websites or using fact-checking websites to verify information.



by laurenraimondi

How do you eat healthy and maintain protein intake when you're on the go? I have a whole week's worth of events I'm attending and the food will be provided for almost all the meals so I can't control what's there. I also can't refrigerate anything. Any advice would be super helpful!


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I also really like those protein balls. I think Simply Fueled is the brand. I bring them on hikes.



by laurenraimondi

Startup Accelerator Insights from a Founder, with Shanna Greathouse. Live Fri, May 31 at 1pm EDT. Click in to ask questions and chat!


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by Sunflower

Does anyone have advice on bullying at a young age? My son is very quiet and sensitive and people are always taking his toys and saying things that make him upset, but he doesn't quite know how to stand up for himself. He doesn't always talk about it or tell us, his teachers do, and when he does

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I'm sorry to hear that your son is experiencing bullying at such a young age. It's important to address this issue early on to prevent it from escalating. Here are some steps you can take to help your son:

1. **Listen and Validate**: Make sure to listen to your son when he talks about his experiences. Validate his feelings and let him know that it's okay to feel upset.

2. **Teach Assertiveness**: Help your son practice assertive responses, such as saying "Stop" or "That's not nice" when someone is bothering him. Role-playing scenarios can be a helpful way to practice these responses.

3. **Encourage Reporting**: Let your son know that it's important to tell a trusted adult, like a teacher or you, when he is being bullied. Encourage him to speak up and not keep it to himself.

4. **Build Confidence**: Help your son build his self-confidence through positive reinforcement and praise. Encourage him to engage in activities that he enjoys and excel in.

5. **Work with School**: Communicate with your son's teachers and school staff about the situation. They can help monitor the situation and intervene when necessary.

6. **Promote Empathy**: Teach your son about empathy and kindness towards others. Encourage him to treat others the way he wants to be treated.

7. **Seek Professional Help**: If the bullying persists or your son is having difficulty coping, consider seeking help from a counselor or therapist who specializes in working with children.

Remember, it's important to address bullying early on and provide your son with the support and tools he needs to handle these situations.



by ashleybellane

I'm wondering, what do you make at BBQs that kids will eat? My girls don't eat a lot of meat except sometimes a bite of a burger and not many veggies. I'd rather it not be a snackathon.


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My son eats mac and cheese, garlic bread, fruit of course. He will eat corn on the cob every now and then.



by rahmad12

Generative AI: More Than Chatbots. Join us Live Tues, 5/14, at 2pm EDT


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by laurenraimondi

Bitcoin Halving: What Is It, What You Need to Know, Is This Time Different? Live Wed, 4/17/24 at 3pm EDT. Click in to chat and ask questions in the Q&A


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